Sponsorships In Football and how it works

Sponsorships in football are one of the most important necessary evils for a budding football team. All teams are eventually bound to face attracting football sponsors for themself sometime down the line. But the lack of interest of the sponsors in investing in the grassroots team can make the task of getting one nearly impossible.

Football is a popular game. It always rolls out in the form of associations with famous brands or people. The brands invest actively as football sponsors as they seek exposure and brand marketing. The sponsorship money acts as a medium and an incentive for the football teams to constantly better themselves; thus, the importance of it cannot be ignored in the world of football.

Indeed, other creative ways can act as a solution to attract football sponsors. The team needs to alleviate the club’s financial concerns to bring it to the notice of the concerned targets, being the premier league sponsors. A football team that successfully manages to attract football sponsors is usually the one that can highlight their unique selling point that attracts great publicity. Combine all these factors and pitch for your team wisely; it shall result in a successful attraction of investment by the desired football sponsors. Although this task can seem daunting and time-consuming, it reaps good results for the football team’s future.

How to attract a sponsor for your football team

The idea of attracting a sponsor for your football team can be a little tricky. The first obstacle in attracting football sponsors for the team can be identifying who shall be the potential target sponsors interested in funding a budding football team.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Target start-ups that are looking for exposure
  • Approach the local companies in your team’s geographical base
  • Try reaching out to the families that you know who own a brand or a business.
  • It is always wise to target the franchise companies whose decisions are locally taken, like Subway.
  • A smart target can be the fitness brands and the health companies that have a similar inclination towards sports.
  • Community groups seeking joint-marketing opportunities or National sponsorship schemes are also a potential investor for your football team.

To maximize your football outreach to the potential investors, the team has to pitch to the football sponsors shrewdly. The following are a few areas that can be worked upon to improve the selling idea by the football team:

  • Attractive kit colors and space

Premier league sponsors are always looking for creativity that your team brings to the table. How effectively are the colors and space on the football jersey chosen to add value to your art of pitching? Choosing the colors that represent something important from the niche or holds a social value, like red, yellow, and green, to inculcate road awareness, can act as a way to attract more sponsors. Added to that, rather than the traditional way of allocating the space above the club logo on the jersey to a single sponsor, a few sponsors’ logos can be given a small space above the player’s jersey number.

  • Football team name

Although rebranding the team name entirely is a big decision to make, it attracts many big and potential football sponsors for your team. Tweaking the club name only for a season or two shall successfully lead to the big brands placing a lot of trust in the value-creation process out of the investing process.

  • Self-sustenance and offering real value

The initial grants from the players and their families add a touch of self-sustenance to the team’s fabric. This can be a lucrative detail for the football sponsors being targeted for the investment. It is equally important to propose deals/agreements that lead to real value creation for the sponsor.

Why is sponsorship important in sport?

Sponsorship in sports occurs at all levels. Be it a grassroots level club or an established one, and all are funded and bound with sponsorship agreements. These are various kinds like individual sponsorship, teams & clubs football sponsorship, or the event’s sponsorship.

The importance of sponsorship in sports has to do a lot with its benefits to both parties.

  • As far as individual sponsorship is concerned, it covers the cost of the kit, equipment, travel, accommodation, and it improves the branding for the sponsor.
  • Sports sponsorship is a tool that allows for a wholesome package comprising of content marketing, digital marketing as well as PR, and hospitality promotions. If a sponsor’s ethos matches that of the team, the outcomes are fruitful for both sides.
  • Football sponsorship adds a lot of value to the brand’s sales as well as the market value. It becomes a powerful social media weapon to create a niche for a popular brand among football lovers.

All in all, the whole idea of sponsorships in football aids the process of bringing in fame to the brand and accelerate the process of excellent training for the football team.

The top football sponsors in the world

There have been numerous premier league sponsors in football throughout history.

The following can be traced as the landmark scholars in the process of football sponsorship:

  • Coca-cola – Coca-Cola has had stadium sponsorships since 1950. It is the longest standing FIFA corporate partner and has gained immense popularity in the field.
  • Nike – Nike has sponsored a lot of football kits for famous football teams like Manchester United and Barcelona. It is an official World Cup sponsor and also manufactures famous brands of football shoes.
  • Barclays – Barclays Banks sponsor the Premier League since 2001. It is a global deal, and thus the brand benefits a lot from the process. Barclays Banks also offers football sponsorships to main football bodies in the UK like Professional Footballer’s Association.
  • Adidas – Adidas is a German company that has sponsored match balls in the World Cup ever since 1970. It has also remained in agreement with UEFA for the European Championships and Champions League.
  • Pepsi – Pepsi is another big sponsor is World’s Biggest Sponsor. It has a unique understanding of the initiatives taken in the football world. It goes a long way in coming up with creative techniques to induce sponsorships.

All in all, quality sponsorships are the heart and soul of the football world. It is intrinsic to the development of modern football and has a lot in store for the development of the teams and the brands seeking a stance in the market.


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