The Evolution Of Football Shoes

One of the most important equipment in sports are shoes. In games like football, where the shoe grip is crucial, the player needs to have the best football shoes. Nowadays, every shoe company has come up with a sports collection and for every sport.

Now, this special collection and categorization of sports are necessary because not all sports require similar shoes. In football, the shoes used by players are called football cleats.

If you notice the football shoes wore by the professionals, you may notice the studs attached below. The shoes that you see now were not always like that. The look, structure, and material differed in the olden times of the football era.

It all started with football shoes made of leather, although they weren’t made for football. Men from the working class used to kick the ball around and score some goals. There weren’t strict rules in professional football games either due to no particular sports committee existing.

With safety rules and medical advice, the shoes are good-looking, comfortable, and easily available. Big companies like Nike and Adidas hire football players and sponsor the football boots for them to endorse their best football cleats.

The story of how footwear in football sport evolved as a lot of theories behind it. It tells us how over the years, circumstances and ideas traveling across the world gave rise to good football cleats.

How have football boots changed over the years?

The whole era of football boots is said to have been started since the times of Henry VIII. It was evident that he liked some games like football. Football was not an exact sport during those times; the football shoes that Henry VIII wore are still discussed.

Somewhere around the 1800s, the shoes used to play football were not good football cleats, as they had many limitations. Workers used them, and they were for rough use. The heaviness of the shoe did not qualify them to be football cleats.

Even the toe region had a hard metal like material reinforcing it, usually steel used for the purpose. These football shoes were a dangerous weapon that accidentally hurt other players if the kick went wrong. The hard toe reinforcing was done because the toe was used earlier to hit the ball and this strong material protected the toes of the football player.

The rules for good football cleats and no violence via heavy boots were inducted later when the football leagues were getting popular. The shoe grip is very important in the football cleats as the players had to run around, make turns and even block the ball. So the studs were made better. Later on, no pointed and sharp objects were allowed to stick out of the football boots.

One important and peculiar technique used by players was taking a size smaller than their feet. The tight shoes were worn and then dipped in hot baths. The heat expanded the leather boots and took the shape of the foot. So by this method, tight, uncomfortable footwear was turned into good football cleats.

Also, lightweight football shoes were encouraged by football federations in the later years. When the founders of Adidas and Puma came with the screw-in studs in the flexible shoes, it helped the Germans excel at the World Cup.

Now the advanced technology and scientific approach, the latest football shoes act as a comfortable accessory for the player and convenient for the gameplay.

Even now, the studs are crucial parts of the boots and play the same gripping function as it was earlier. As time passed, the design of the football shoes adapted to the moves and game structure. The shoemaking companies now have started making shoes as per the player position too.

The position of every player and their roles in moving the balls are noted. Even customized shoes were made for players once upon a time. It was possible after the shoemakers analyzed the player’s foot movements and ball passing techniques.

Why are football boots so expensive?

Branded football shoes that are available nowadays are more of a luxurious item. The shoes are affordable, but not for all. There is a huge reason why you need a few extra bucks to buy the best football cleats.

With proper soles and studs, the new designs are the best shoes made for a football player. Companies advertise their products by hiring footballers to wear shoes. Also, the cost factor is reasonably high, considering the technology used and the comfort features provided.

The best football shoes are used by the professional players on the field in big leagues. Sp considering the salary and sponsored equipment given to the players, it is convenient for them to buy the special edition, high end branded shoes of the best quality.

The shoes’ special designs and lighter weight allowed players to play comfortably, and the kick was easier.

These big sports footwear companies started making specialized shoes according to the player’s foot structure and gameplay. The epic examples of best football cleats worn by the professionals include Pele’s Puma King or Messi’s Adidas F50 Adizero, among many others.

Let us learn more about football shoes that are the best in the sports field and have emerged as the best football cleats.

What cleats are best for football?

  • Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0
  • Under Armour Men’s Hammer Mid Rm
  • Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3
  • Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC
  • Reebok Men’s NFL Burner Speed
  • Nike Vapor Shark 2
  • Adidas Men’s Freak x Carbon Mid

Concluding Football Shoes

Initially, when football shoes were not specially made, heavy boots were used to kick the ball around. Later, the studs came into the picture with leather material. The leather boots of smaller sizes were worn, and hot water dipping made the boots take the shape of the player’s feet.

After that, the screw-in studs got into the football cleats saga due to their Dassler brothers’ creation. The lightweight football boots with no sharp objects and strict rules in the games.

The biggest evolution seen was functionality and shape. Earlier boots protected the wearer’s toes and ankles, but the new football footwear focuses on how well the game can be played with them. The new ones are more comfortable and of good quality.


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