Top 10 Best Free Football Games For Android and iOS

All football fans and lovers love both watching and playing football. With the onset of Covid-19, it is exceedingly difficult for fans of the game and the sport to play football as it is a team sport. So, what is the next best option? Fans can always play soccer games offline or offline football games. The fantastic graphics, music, and overall gaming experience make loving fans forget that they cannot currently go outside to play the sport they love. Not everyone wants to play the physical game or can play the game. This does not mean they are disinterested in the sport. There are several online football games multiplayer that can allow you to play with your friends. As someone who enjoys the sport as a whole, you can have a lot of fun while playing soccer games offline. These games are free and available in more than 15 languages. This article has compiled a comprehensive list of the various best offline games for Android and iOS or the best football game for Android or iOS. There are several online and offline football games for you to choose from.

5 Best Offline Football Games to Play at Android

This list looks at the best soccer games offline or online and the best offline games for Android. Here are the five best football game for Android:

  1. FIFA Mobile Soccer: This game is one of the best offline games for Android with both offline and online features. This game allows you to play in your own World Cup. It allows you to modify, customize, build, and manage your team. Training your team is also relatively easy. You can play like any of the 32 qualifying countries and unlock many region-based rewards. This game allows online football games multiplayer or single-player game modes. It has multiple maps to choose from. You will be pitted against some of the best FIFA players in the world.
  2. Dream League Soccer: This is one of the best offline games for Android and overall best soccer games offline. The graphics for this game are amazing, and the quality is exceptionally high and incredibly realistic and has 3D graphics. Upon hitting the prestigious Elite Division, the game begins to spice up. For Android users, it is one of the best soccer games offline. This game will make you very nostalgic as it will give you the feeling of playing an old FIFA game on a PlayStation. Create your team of champion players and customize your strategies and formations. Make your way through the ranks to compete with the best players.
  3. Score Hero Soccer Game: Score hero is one of the most fantastic online football games multiplayer out there. Unlike FIFA mobile soccer or Dream League Soccer, Score Hero Soccer allows you to play as one character, unlike a football manager. There are around 500 levels to go through, so you will always be hooked.
  4. Pro Evolution Soccer Game: This is a competitor to FIFA Mobile Soccer and has stunning graphics and a wide variety of players to choose from. It is an easy game to grasp. You can mix the great and legendary players from the past with the current reigning champions. This game allows you to build your squad and play against AI or even friends as it has both single-player and multiplayer options and features.
  5. Top Eleven: This game is relatively more unique than the rest on this list as you play as the team head soccer manager rather than one of the players. Your role as the manager is to create and build a team of your dreams. You can select the players you want and even modify and customize different strategies and formations. This game is essentially a single-player game but offers a multiplayer option.

Top Eleven Football Game

5 Best Football Games for iOS Devices

  1. Football Strike – This game is available on both Android and iOS. It is one of the most delightful football games as per many players. This is an ultra-fast multiplayer game. It has excellent visuals, and it enhances your overall gaming experience.
  2. Stickman Soccer- Classic: It is one of the best offline Soccer/Football games available on a mobile platform. This game offers easy controls in which you use the joystick to control the players on the field. When leading the ball, you can easily pass to your allies or shoot for your goal. The controls to tackle the other player when the ball is with your opponent are also amazingly easy. The size on iOS is 85 MB, but it is available on Android of 52 MB.
  3. New Star Soccer: New Star Soccer is a trendy mobile game on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. This game is in portrait mode and offers a top-down point of view. The touch controls are also quite easy. It is one of the best soccer games available on a mobile platform. It is available on both Android and iOS. The size on Android is 62 MB, and the size on iOS is 95 MB.
  4. World Soccer/Football League: It is an offline soccer game available on Android and iOS. It operates in the landscape mode and offers around three main game modes. These are exhibition, cup, and league. All three modes offer a variety of sub-modes. An example of a sub-mode can be an option to choose between friendly or penalty. The size of this game on Android is 45 MB and on iOS is 42 MB.
  5. Flick Kick Football Kickoff: This is a mission-based game with multiple levels, each more challenging than the last. Each level is equipped with many tasks that you need to complete to move forward in the game. This game is played in portrait mode, and the gameplay is quite basic. As a result, it is relatively easy to learn. In this game, you need to flick your finger to curve, drive, and shoot the ball all over the pitch.

KickOff Football (for iOs)


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